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Pop Tennis


Open Play


5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

At the end of play PLEASE broom the back line used for pop tennis

Thank You!

Two paddles available to borrow

at 9788 Chestwood Ave.

Please contact Gayle at (772) 521-1084


POP Tennis is the new POPular type of tennis with a twist on paddle tennis dating back to 1898 and is being played across the USA and around the world. POP Tennis is Tennis just played on smaller courts with shorter solid paddles, lower compression tennis balls and the same scoring and rules as regular tennis -except players get one underhand serve. POP can be played indoor or outdoor, all year round on all surfaces.

Basic Rules of POP Tennis

The rules of POP Tennis are almost identical to traditional tennis, but due to the smaller court, there are a few minor differences. Below you will find a thorough explanation of the rules of POP Tennis.

Pop Tennis

Paddle tennis (Rebranded as Pop Tennis in 2015) is a game adapted from tennis and played for over a century. Compared to tennis, the court is smaller and has no doubles lanes, and the net is lower. Paddle tennis is played with a solid paddle as opposed to a strung racquet, and a depressurized tennis ball is used.

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